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Behind “Anabelia” is a working woman, wife, mum, crochet addict, avid reader and photography lover.

I began crocheting when a was a child -taught by my mother- and I must say I wasn't enthusiastic about crocheting then. I'm left-handed, but I do crochet with the right hand! So it was hard to learn... My first Project was a couple of potholders.

I did not crocheting for many years while I got distracted with running, my studies and career, working, traveling, marrying my sweetie and having my child.

But then, inspired by some lovely crochet blogs, I picked up my hook and began crocheting again. It was a relaxing therapy as it quieted my "noisy" brain and allowed me to make beautiful things.

This blog adventure began in December 2012 sharing with you the crocheted items I was making for family and friends.

I was very surprised when many of you started to ask me for the patterns because I usually don't follow a particular crochet pattern and, when do it, always make changes on the go. I never thought it was so important. I quickly decided to learn and improve my technique of writing patterns and making graphics, so now I also write my projects to help you when I get some free time.

You can find them here:
Anabelia pattern library
... or here:


To stay connected, please find me where you move:


Thanks for joining me on this creative and COLORFUL adventure!

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