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Crochet snowflakes 4-2022 pattern by Anabelia Craft Design
"Crochet snowflakes 4-2022"

Crochet snowflakes 3-2022 pattern by Anabelia Craft Design
"Crochet snowflakes 3-2022"

Crochet snowflakes 2-2022 pattern by Anabelia Craft Design
"Crochet snowflakes 2-2022"

Crochet snowflakes 1-2022 pattern by Anabelia Craft Design
"Crochet snowflakes 1-2022"
"Tender Spring" crochet square

January mini crochet doilies

Crochet Star Ornament

Two Crochet Lace Triangles motifs

Four crochet lace doilies

"Bruno" Stroller Baby Blanket

Crochet Baby Bandanas

Cable Checkboard Stitch pattern

Crochet Mini Pouches PDF pattern

Crochet Flower-Motif 1/2019

Circular Motif 3 - 2018 pattern

Light Summer crochet scarf

Flower Squares Tablecloth

Crochet Mini Mandala 1 - 2018

Crochet Square Motif 1 / 2018

Christmas Stars Garland nr 7

Cottage Stars Garland

Snowflake Motif nr 4

Hexagonal motifs shawl

Mini Mandala Motif 9/2017

Pumpkin coasters - Motif 8/2017

Garden Party Square-Motif 7/2017

Summer Coasters - Motif # 6/2107

Crochet Lace Motif # 5/2017

Crochet Square Motif # 4/2017

Crochet Square Motif # 3/2017

Crochet Square Motif # 2/2017

Motif 1/2017: "Winter Flower

Shabby decor 3 doilies set

Mary crochet scarf

Britta crochet blanket

Light Summer Shawl

Lily square blanket

Crown of Hearts doily

Japanese inspiration crochet square

Christmas crochet ornament

Vintage Pink mandalas

Lily square motif

'Sabine' baby blanket

Daffodil crochet coasters

'Sofia' baby blanket

Fantasy lace crochet heart

'Helena' crochet scarf

Doilies nr. 1 Beige & nr. 2 Green

Doily nr. 3 Lavender

Doilies nr. 1, 2 and 3

Shabby-chic star ornament

Snowflakes garland nr. 2

Snowflakes motifs nr. 1, 2, 3

'Alessia' baby headscarf

'Alessia' baby sandals

'Alessia" baby headscarf + sandals

Spring Flowers coasters

Wedding rings cushion


Vintage pincushion crochet motif

52 Crochet Flowers

Fall Leaf coasters

Boho-Chic Crochet Necklaces

Halloween Mini Bags

Crochet Easter Bunnies

Spring crochet tote bag

Moss Stitch Scarf

Light Chevron Stitch Scarf & Hat

Vintage Pumpkin coasters

Frankenstein Candy Pouch

Back to School pencil cases

Lavender Sachets

Valentine's Day small Tablecloths

Light Chevron stitch scarf

Mini shoulder crochet bag

Crochet Granny Heart

Christmas Tree

Crochet lace motifs, free pattern

Customized summer bag

Stars garland nr. 4

Crochet heart with flower nr. 2

Japanese crochet square coasters

Vintage crochet coasters

Six-pointed stars garland nr. 3

Crochet heart with flower nr. 1

Snowflakes garland nr. 1

Crochet borders

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