Crochet Motif 5 / 2017

2,69 €

....AND ENJOY YOUR "Crochet - Motif # 5/2017"!

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  1. I rarely purchase patterns....not because I don't want them, but because I'm on such a tight (retirement) budget. But I really wanted to buy the Motif pattern above. I live in USA, and don't have PayPal account, and really don't want to open one....I had one long ago...and just a week after I opened it, someone managed to hack it and tried to charge THOUSANDS of dollars on MY I am now afraid to do that. I DO have credit cards, but don't know if you can take those. Are these available on Ravelry?
    I WILL purchase. Not sure, but I think it was Motif No. 17? Even No. 5 above is beautiful...and I'd like to try something small and relaxing like this. How can I buy these? Your motifs have so tempted me before....and now I really want to buy one (or MORE!). Is there a way to buy with credit card?

    1. Hi, dear! Thanks so much for your visit and lovely comment. These crochet motifs are so easy to make and I also do them just because it relaxes me to much. If you wish to enjoy some of them, I think you will not have any problems through Ravelry. Have a wonderful day!