Anabelia Craft Design in Numbers

As of January 2018, Anabelia Craft Design has:
                                                                     h   50.000 visitors per month (70% new visitors)
                                                                     h   150.000 monthly page views
                                                                     h   29.000+ Pinterest followers
                                                                     h   14.500+ Facebook fans
                                                                     h   2.300+ Google+ followers
                                              h   8.000+ Google+ "Anabelia Crochet Collection" followers
                                                          h   100.000.000+ Google+ views
                                                                     h   7.500+ Instagram followers
                                                                     h   4.200+ Bloglovin’ readers
                                                                     h   2.500+ direct email subscribers

Our readers love crochet! They're looking for inspiration, amazing patterns, and crochet related product. Many of our readers are also bloggers. They're always looking for inspiring things to share with their readers.
Thanks so much for your interest in partnering with Anabelia Craft Design 
Become a Sponsor
In two ways:

1. A 250x250 ad button in our sidebar is 60€ per month. Ad space is limited to four new sponsors per month.

2. Mention in a post on blog + Social Network is 40€ per month and it includes:
  • Quality pictures of your products/items so that my followers get a good first impression of your product.
  • Post on Social Networks: 3 pictures shared on Facebook / Instagram / Pinterest / Google+ over the course of one month.
  • Include a link to your website in the post and make the entries #yourbrand @yourbrand in my social networks

So what do ya say? Let's partner up and grow together!